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Patinya (Jan) Jeerapaet is a filmmaker, photographer, and mixed media artist who is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.  As a girl who shares a passion for the New Media Arts; she has found herself losing all tracks of all time when working with creative pieces. In the form of artworks, She has been working on expressing various meanings and emotions within the frame connected to the outside world. She aspires to express herself via visuals to obtain a specific essence of the moment.

The indescribable meanings and messages of indescribable verbal communication can be realized through visuals; they can be expressed in many imaginative ways of arts in which we are the controller of the vision. 

She has worked in various forms of art including film, photo, and video arts. In her work, Jeerapaet explores identity and symbolism. Throughout her artistic path, she works as director, assistant director, sound operator, and production manager.

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